The Most Exciting Snorkeling Adventure With Whale Sharks

It´s only a privilege to exit there and discover the greatness of nature, but this time the adventure went above and beyond. We went to swim with the largest fish of the world, the whale shark.



On our vacations within the Riviera Maya at some point of the season of Mid April to Mid September the Whale Shark Biosphere in Mexico is open to get to swim with these incredible creatures. Whale watching is on.

The enjoy is extra than incredible, from the instant that you get inside the boat the surroundings of the Caribbean Sea is excellent, blue and Tourquoise waters surround us, even as we had been on the boat, we were given to look dolphins leaping and little darkish dots, merged at the Tourquoise water which can be the turtles that get to shore to lay their eggs in these lovely white sand beaches.



The boat safari is great, the group of workers was usually there to help us out, they gave us all the gadget necessary, mask, snorkel and life jacket, despite the fact that we rented wetsuits, that for $15 dollars, became definitely really worth it, because that shield us from sunburn and we did not should use the lifejacket whilst we have been in the water, which lets in us to swim faster with out getting the demanding rash from the lifestyles vest.

Our organization turned into Riviera Maya Tourquoise, that’s a widely known organization in the Riviera Maya for the great and alluring workforce, they totally made our lifestyles wonderful simple, the traditional meals and drinks had been presented whilst we were at the boat, the captain Juan, changed into exceptional, he seems to recognize this region like the palm of his hand and nicely he said that today was a certainly wonderful day, lots of whale sharks round and absolutely calm and clean waters.

but shall we get into details about the real snorkeling with this splendid creatures.

Our body of workers Mac and Tomas, allow us to realize what will be the procedure before we soar, in any case we have been a collection of 10 people. Mac, organized us in couples for you to soar, we had been sitting on the starboard facet of the boat looking ahead to the captain to remember 1, 2, three … our other guide Tomas changed into next to us ready to jump too whilst he was taking snap shots of the experience.

subsequently we noticed a huge whale shark coming directly to us, after I stated big I imply it, a 30 ft long whale shark changed into coming after which the captain stated three, my spouse and that i bounce, totally overwhelmed our heads came out of the water splashing, and begin swimming next to Tomas, he surely keep our palms to assist us out reach as fast as feasible to the moving creature that was coming up to us, Tomas, set us in a function without a doubt near the whale shark, round like 5m (15 ft) and we start swimming next to it, admiring it, and on the equal time my mind couldn’t trust it what it become going on, this animal is so large!!!, so lovely !! and so remarkable !!! gosh I´m the luckiest person in the international, I concept. I kept swimming subsequent to my spouse and Tomas, trying to hold up pace to live as close and as long as viable next to the whale shark, however then it passed off!!!….. The whale shark turns around and some other whale shark appears simply in front folks, we simply can´t agree with this…
Tomas, keep our hand and made the signal to follow this 2d whale shark, we start following this second creature, and i ought to begin noticing the details on it´s pores and skin, the white dots, the tiny little eyes, and the high-quality again and tail fins, all of sudden whilst we concept that this become over, another whale shark appears just beneath us, perhaps like 30 feet underneath us, Tomas take hold of us once more, It seems to be that the whale shark turned into going to attain the surface, so we start following this 0.33 shark, however the maximum exceptional factor turned into seeing it from the top and all the way until it truly attain the surface and opened the huge mouth to begin filtering the plancton of the floor.

Then all at once we had been there, we prevent swimming, and now just contemplating .. why is that this?,
how is it viable?, this whale shark stop in zero and start floating vertical and stayed there just for us to recognize. We went around it with tears in our eyes, and hoping that this can final all the time. Tomas really patiently stayed with us, but he become also surprised of ways fortunate we have been in that moment.

sooner or later the huge Whale Shark moved, we begin to following, however it went way to speedy for us… It turned into time to take our heads out of the water. whilst we had been with our heads out, we just couldn’t apprehend, believe or even say a single word, my wife and that i checked out each different and smile, my spouse were given close to me and grab my hand without a doubt truly tough, and smile, Tomas were given close to us and said… “so… How was it?” we couldn’t´ communicate we have been surprised and all of sudden my wife shout out, “It changed into the first-rate experience that I´ve ever had”, she hold me, truely difficult even though that we have been still floating, lol, but sure, the experience changed into more than we may want to assume, but the high-quality issue turned into that we nonetheless had four or five jumps extra with these extremely good creatures, in spite of everything our excursion changed into a private institution tour, but the boat that got here with us they leap two times after which I assume they’d a non-public snorkeling tour in Isla mujeres, so either way on non-public or institution enjoy is simply extremely good.

We were given back to the boat, the group and Mac our manual assist us to get returned on the boat and prepared us to jump couple of extra instances, every time that we jumped got better and higher. this is just a converting life experience, being so close of these animals is splendid, and incredible, round 1.five hours when we arrived to the biosphere changed into time to get returned to the port. however before we went to take a relax snorkel inside the reef of Isla mujeres, wherein we saw a number of colourful Caribbean fish and while we came lower back the captain took us to a seaside there in Isla Mujeres, in which he organized a Ceviche for us.
the adventure of the existence time, thanks a lot Riviera Maya Tourquoise and it´s personnel Tomy and Mac. You guys are incredible, and i can totally get back next season to do it once more with my spouse.

thank you for making us feel welcome.

Mike Cox

San Francisco California, U.S.

—Riviera Maya Tourquoise —-

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